"Yes I would definitely consider you to be competitive in the market place. You are beautiful and a great type. I can see you playing a mother or any type of high society/white collar role."

Allison Schomer Kirschner, Casting Director

"You are an attractive woman who can act, there is no reason why you wouldn't be competitive with other actors in your type/range."

Jodi Angstreich, Casting Director

"Kathleen Boddington is the Italian girl, Gabriella. She is fire and force. She is determined and maniacally focused. Boddington plays her like Gina Lollobrigida and it works."

J. Peter Bergman, Bershire Bright Focus regarding Boeing, Boeing at the Theater Barn

"Personally, if I want to know whether a short is going to be worth watching or not, the first place I look is at the talent on screen. Nothing says, "amateur hour" quite like dinner-theater-quality actors being asked to play Hollywood. Thankfully, the casting choices in "Mirror, Mirror" are spot-on and the performances are crisp and solid. Maia Nicholson (as Talini) and Kathleen Boddington (as Regina) handle the story perfectly, moving deftly between innocence and manipulation."


"Moffit does fine work in the lead performance in the lead performance, with stand outs from the supporting cast being Kathleen Boddington and Rich Sab, both appropriately menacing as two of the “watchers”.  Peter Francis Span and Timothy J. Cox are also noteworthy in two key supporting roles: Span as a mysterious stranger in Porter’s life and Cox as Porter’s skeptical shrink who may or may not be a “watcher” himself."

The Watchers www.cinemaroll.com

As for the performances, Peter Francis Span does nice work as a mysterious visitor who comes into John’s life at the end of the film. As one of “the watchers”, Kathleen Boddington’s soft, but commanding voice provided chills, while Timothy J. Cox is stand out in a few brief scenes as John’s skeptical shrink, Dr. Orwell. 

The Watchers www.movievine.com