November 2014

I have been running around Manhattan and Brooklyn like crazy auditioning! Just finished my Voice Over Demo with Abacus Productions which you can listen to on my VO Page. And, finally!!! My Episode of Deadly Affairs will be airing on Discovery ID on November 6th at 10pm. Very excited to see the final production. We shot it down in Maryland over 5 days with Sirens Media and it was a great cast and crew! I also found 2 print ads I did recently - one for Barclay's Bank and the other for Motorola - for a new patient scanner. 

Also, I just booked a supporting role on a feature film, called Big House and have a fitting this Friday! 

And, lastly, I am working on getting my PADI certificate for scuba diving. It definitely scares me a little, but I think it's always important to keep doing things that challenge us. I'll keep you posted!!