February/March 2017

February was a very busy month and I was on hold for FIVE different projects including one very big print/on camera skin care campaign!! March has been steady as well and have had some film/tv auditions and 2 commercial callbacks. I'm even heading to Philadelphia tomorrow to audition for My Big Gay Italian Wedding and I"m very excited!! It would be wonderful to do theatre again!! And, I'm still taking classes with the fabulous Anthony Grasso - he is not only a very talented actor but an amazing teacher as well. That's it for now - will have more good news soon!!


I booked my first VO job in December! So excited! It was for Edelweiss Beauty Beauty Salon & Spa. It should be on Spectrum Cablevision and in taxi cabs soon! Also, booked a spokesperson gig for Beatty's Services - a staffing company - for their website. December was very busy with lots of family visiting from Canada - my nieces, brother and sister-in-law and my stepson, Remi! It was a bit of a whirlwind!

January has been off to a great start with a lovely trip to Jamaica! I had never been there before and it was wonderful! Now, back to auditioning! Have some exciting auditions this year already for  episodic, voiceovers and commercials! More exciting news coming soon!

November 2016

Robert and I traveled a lot this year. Can't believe it's almost over! We went to Grand Cayman in January, which has now become a regular trip to escape the cold here in NYC. Although, this coming January, we are going to Jamaica! In February, we took a short trip to visit friends in Montreal - brrrr!!! We will definitely go there again in the warmer months. It's colder there than in NYC! Then, in April, we visited a friend in New Orleans, and explored the jazz and history of that beautiful city. In late June/early July, we did a big family trip, with my two stepsons and went to Torino, Italy and Barecelona, Spain. Had an amazing time! I had some ongoing health issues to deal with as well, but now I am back in the swing of things and so grateful for my family, my friends, the career opportunities I have been given in NY and for good health!! Looking forward to what 2017 is going to bring!!

The above images are from my Promacta shoot earlier this year. I had an amazing time at the Grand Canyon. The scenery was gorgeous and I even got to ride a mule! It was one of my most favorite shoots ever! 

These shots are from my latest shoot for Norpak with David White Photography. I had a wonderful time with David. 

Things have been very busy lately with a commercial for Tommie Copper where I met some wonderful people. 

Took a wonderful film/tv class at One on One with CD Meghan Rafferty and taking my ongoing classes with Anthony Grasso who is an amazing on camera teacher.